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Hi, Thanks so much for visiting my site. I've been a professional Historian for over 25 years and have taught and researched at various universities across Britain and Ireland including Oxford, Glasgow, Trinity College Dublin, Warwick and Queen’s University Belfast. Don't forget to sign up below so we can stay in touch!


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The Irish Revolution 1912-1925

The course offers an accessible and comprehensive account of the causes, course and consequences of revolutionary change in Ireland from the initial crisis over the Third Home Rule Bill in 1912 to the consolidation of partition Ulster with the settling of the boundary issue in 1925.

Over 16+ hours of video lectures

Topics include:

-The Ulster Crisis of 1912-1914

-The Easter Rising of 1916

-The Rise of Sinn Fein 1916-1918

-The IRA and the War of Independence

-The creation of Northern Ireland

-The Irish Civil War 1922-23

Each topic contains:

~ an easy to follow reading guide

~ sample historical writings

~ essay and examination questions

~ Appendix of contemporary sources

~ Chronology of events, maps

~ Glossary of key individuals

Full Course: £79.99




The Partition of Ireland 1918-1925

‘A scholarly, detailed and historically-minded analysis of an enduringly central feature of Irish politics.’

Professor Richard English, Queen’s University Belfast

‘Robert Lynch has written an insightful and absorbing study of partition. Questions are raised about how we understand the nature of partition, its meaning in modern Irish history and how it shaped and reshaped identities of those living with its impact, both north and south.’

Professor Maria Luddy, University of Warwick

The Northern IRA and the Early Years of Partition 1920-1922

‘This is an extremely important book. Robert Lynch combnes fne scholarhsip with considerable abaility as a writer of a gripping narrative.’

Professor Richard English, University of Stirling

‘Robert Lynch's study of the Northern IRA is timely and incisive. It refocuses the study of revolutionary violence away from the much celebrated ambushes of the south and west of Ireland and confronts the often neglected sectarian war in the north-east. It is an impressive boook and makes a significant contribution to its field.'

Dr John Regan, University of Dundee

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The Irish Revolution 1912-1925

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